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Amanda A
A wonderful refresh! I am to Lois to clear out old energy, protect my energy, and get clarity. She offers a great insight and tools to do all that and more! I look forward to continuing this healing work in future sessions.
Jill B
Life saver! Lois helped me so much after my mother passed! My appointment was truly transformative and I will continue to see her in the future! Lois - I cannot thank you enough, you really are a life saver!
Mind-blowing! I highly recommend Quantum Balance to anyone who is looking for guidance or who just needs someone to listen to them and not feel like they are being judged. I wish I would have called sooner!
Truly amazing healing work Lois is one of the best energy workers I’ve ever worked with and I’ve worked with many. You will absolutely see and feel real results and find the help you’re looking for. Lois is extremely present, responsive, and attuned to you. She is extremely compassionate and understanding of sensitive topics. What’s more, she will help you clear very deep, old issues. You will feel a difference. She also will teach you practices to do on your own that really help. Not all or even most people I’ve worked with actually help, but I say with total confidence (like the person said who recommended Lois to me, she is the real deal and you will see results. I am so grateful to work with her!
Jackie A
Real Honest Experience Lois did an energy clearing for me among other things and she is real and genuine. She took time with me on my appointment to do what needed to be done and the appointment was not finished until everything was completed. She didn’t make me schedule another appointment to finish the energy clearing which impressed me. She took her time and finished it all during that session. I can tell she takes care with what she does and the quality of the appointment showed. I feel like she cares for the people she helps and that is why she does what she does. To bring light to people’s lives.
Jackie A
Real Honest Experience Lois did an energy clearing for me among other things and she is real and genuine. She took time with me on my appointment to do what needed to be done and the appointment was not finished until everything was completed. She didn’t make me schedule another appointment to finish the energy clearing which impressed me. She took her time and finished it all during that session. I can tell she takes care with what she does and the quality of the appointment showed. I feel like she cares for the people she helps and that is why she does what she does. To bring light to people’s lives.
Carrie S
Blessed to be understood When you are stuck and have tried everything in your power to feel better Lois is the answer! Sometimes the answer is not known but intuitively she can help you release what you may subconsciously be holding onto. The release experienced is like nothing I have ever experienced and enjoyed. Thank you for Lois as her gifts and talents are unique and cherished by those she helps.
Pat K
Calmness That is the first word that comes to mind when I think of my session yesterday with Julia. I have a chronic medical condition (metastatic lung cancer). Something happens during my sessions that I can't quite describe but something changes. I always feel better after my reike. Pain has lessened. Overall sense of wellness has returned. Thank you.
Tom C
Lois is amazing My father has tried numerous therapists for years. Lois was so kind and patient!!
Deanna A
Mental healing Lois is amazing—she is so easy to talk to and provides excellent tools to help you battle the every day life. I feel blessed to have met her!!
Sarah M
Re-alignment Lois is such a beautiful, talented healer! I cannot say enough about her gifts, her compassion, and her ability to hold space for your highest. I came in very much in need of a healing and re-balancing. I received both. Lois is a chiropractor for the soul:))
Shannon D
Wonderful I was recommended Lois by a few different ppl. They were absolutly right she is amazing. I cant wait to work with her.
Compassionate & Empathetic Lois really listens to what you have to say. She is empathetic and offers real life options for dealing with whatever you're going through. She "hears" you and validates your feelings. I'm so glad that I decided to give Lois at Quantum Balance a call.
Jen C
Life changing! I worked with Lois using Zoom online for 4 sessions so far. It was a life-changing experience for me. I didn't know I had so much "mucky" energy that I needed to clear, and stories that needed to be reframed. Being honest, I was skeptical, but my therapist of all people recommended that I see an energy healer and after the first session I felt lighter. Session 2, even lighter, session 3, lighter yet! I found her technique to really work for me and she was able to give me homework that I could relate to. If you are on the fence, at least take advantage of her 20-minute free session. I am so thankful I found out about Lois!
Life Changing Reiki with Julia has been life changing for me. I'm more at peace, am finding so much more inner strength, and it's helped me with several external issues like back pain and sinus headaches. I am so glad I followed my instincts and tried this for myself.
Holly B B
Meeting Lois I scheduled a free zoom to meet Lois and learn of her practice. And to see if she could help me. Her presence is very welcoming and comforting. She truly wants to know and understand you as she asks questions. And in turn, answers any of yours. I am looking forward to getting balanced. As she could see, I am not. And for her to "see" that, was a great validation to me.
Reiki 1 certification Excellent class , cant wait for Reiki 2
Highly recommend! Review of IN PERSON at THE STUDIO After one QB session i feel like a different person and have begun a healing journey hopefully back to myself. Lois is the real deal and a shining light! I highly recommend Quantum Balance!
Jennifer N
Reiki/Energy healing with Julia Review of Julia Thompson My experience during the reiki sessions I’ve had with Julia have been exactly what I needed. I arrived to find a calm, welcoming space which was immediately relaxing. Julia is intuitive and her energy is clear, strong and positive. During the sessions, I felt my physical and energetic body realign as the flow of energy improved, areas that were blocked opened up and my energy cleared and shifted. I felt as though my body was fully connected and my energy was flowing in a balanced, natural way. Each session has built on the previous session and my healing journey continues - thank you Julia for guiding me!
Lili M
Grateful for the experience I really enjoyed my session with Julia. It was relaxing and insightful. I walked away feeling stronger, confident and a firm belief in my own ability to conquer what I've been going through. I'm extremely thankful for the opportunity and for her fitting me into her schedule at the last minute.
Ann W
Great experience! This was my second visit and I was glad I returned. Master Julia is awesome and I would highly recommend Reiki to anyone that is looking to relax and focus.
Reiki & Life Coaching sessions with Julia Review of Julia Thompson Reiki sessions with Julia are always such a positive and rewarding experience. It’s a chance to get away from any distractions and be able to “just be” in a completely calming, relaxing, comfortable, comforting, and positive environment. I have been going to Reiki sessions for over a year and it is amazing to see all the positive changes that have happened in my life. It has really helped me with anxiety issues and feeling much calmer, and able to handle everything better. Julia is genuine, caring, thoughtful, and a class act. She’s an amazing Reiki Master and Life Coach, and helps give perspective on anything you might be going through, especially if you feel lost or stuck in an area, or going through a hard time with a situation. Reiki has helped me in so many positive ways that I could not have ever imagined. Deciding to take a chance and book a session was one of the best decisions I have ever made. If you’ve been thinking about trying Reiki, a class, or a life coaching session, and are unsure or overthinking it, take the chance and try a session or class with Julia!!
Tammy F
Peace & Clarity I must say that weights were lifted, heart encouraged and a complete state of peace and well-being enveloped me the rest of my day : ) after having a beautiful session with Lois. Thank you !!!
Amanda A
Truly Amazing! I have been receiving Reiki from Julia since March 2018 and each healing has been truly amazing. Prior to performing Reiki, Julia always takes the time to understand my needs and creates such a safe and open environment. Each Reiki session has felt so unique and transformational. I always leave feeling energetically unblocked, relaxed, and inspired. Im so grateful for Quantum Balance Erie!
Lisa H
Game Changer! Wow, truthfully I wasn't sure what to expect from my appt with Lois. Well let me say that it exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds. I'm si thankful that my path has connected with Lois and Quantum Balance. Insightful authentic, sincere and blessed with a gift is how I ariund describe Lois! I left my session feeling excited, but calm and very empowered to achieve my personal Quantum Balance. Thank you Lois and I'll see you in the spring!
Annie P
Quantum Balance Session I am always amazed and very grateful of my quantum balance sessions with Lois. She is so intuitive and knows exactly what to do to help. She can even help with energy carried over from life times ago. I would recommend these healing sessions for anyone feeling troubled - Lois is a very compassionate, safe and magnificent healer! She is a shining star in my book:)
Reiki session The reiki session with Julia was life changing and pushed me forward to a more balanced and free existence here in this body! It is wonderful to be able to hear again our of my right ear. So grateful:)
Amazing. Review of Julia Thompson Julia is such a natural born healer! Everything she does, she succeeds at due to organic talent and passion. I highly recommend any of her offered services! My reiki sessions with her are always so enlightening.
Believe You will not be disappointed! Lois will help you reach another level of enlightenment.
Maura P
Both powerful and gentle Review of Julia Thompson Julia provided a wonderfully healing reiki session for me. She has a very gentle touch and the reiki energy that flows through her is very powerful. My session resulted in a healing breakthrough and I am ever grateful for this gift and knowledge that Julia brings to the world.
Jennifer N
The Real Deal Review of IN PERSON at THE STUDIO I have experienced positive and significant personal growth as a result of my quantum balance sessions with Lois. She provides a safe, comfortable environment and utilizes her knowledge of different energy techniques in a genuinely insightful, caring manner. Thank you for helping me Lois - you wisdom and kindness has had a profound impact on me!
Kim L
Reiki Healing I suffered the loss of a close friend and have been trying to deal with the grief on my own. I felt like I was just not getting past it. The Reiki I received from Julia left me feeling much lighter and hopeful. Several days have passed since my session and I am feeling relieved. Most of the heavy feeling is now gone. I would highly recommend Julia to anyone who has experienced emotional trauma.
Katie Fulkrod
Empowered Review of Julia Thompson I am so thrilled that Julia created a Manifest Your Dreams service! It's a unique, healing, heart-centered session that truly leaves you feeling empowered. She assists you in understanding the Law of Attraction, what actions will be helpful towards striving forward with your dreams, helps you identify and heal personal blocks and more. Healing helps facilitate change. I left our session knowing that I AM stronger than my worries & doubts regarding my dream. After identifying some underlying blocks that came to light during the session, I can learn from them, heal and move past them! I see them for what they are now. I am so excited for the road ahead, thank you Julia <3
Excellent experience I would highly recommend Lois. She was caring, sensitive and very knowledgeable. I am hopeful now and feel I have some good tools to use.
Lori S
Balancing Session Review of IN PERSON at THE STUDIO I didn't know what to expect from my first visit with Lois. I was nervous and anxious (two of the reasons I was there in the first place) to express my insecurities with another person. Lois made me feel at ease, comfortable and able to express myself without fear of judgment. I learned so much about myself and why I feel and act the way I do. Lois helped me release a lot of pent up emotions and self-doubt. It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to using the tools she taught me to become even more self-aware.
Maura P
Amazing I walked into my appointment with Lois feeling sad, heavy laden,depressed and disconnected from myself. Conversation and energy work resulted in being filled with peace and calm and a feeling of lightness. 24 hours later I still feel peaceful and centered despite some distressing news. Now I feel capable of handing life! Thank you Lois for being a lighthouse and guiding me back to my true self!
Annie P
Lois is soo insightful Really enjoyed my latest session with Lois - she is so amazing and loving and creates such a safe place for healing and helps guide to help yourself stay protected in this world on a daily basis. Thank you so much Lois - lots of love to you and Julia xoxoxo
Linda N
Lois really cares Lois helped me a lot. A lot of lightbulbs turned on during my time with her. You can tell she cares, she WANTS to help you. Thank you again Lois.
Manifest Your Dreams Session Review of Julia Thompson I have been working hard on building my business and purchasing a house with my fiance'. Life was progressing great, but I felt an energetic roadblock - I was not getting the results I wanted fast enough! I decided it was time for another "MYDS" with Julia. My vision is reignited and I have regained my enthusiasm for this journey again! Sometimes, I begin doubting myself/my path and forget that I can only control my actions/intentions and not necessarily the results and that I need to ASK God/Angels/Universe for what I want! I am excited to see what unfolds over the next few weeks! I highly suggest trying one of these sessions! Julia is a great mentor/adviser!
Not feeling quite so optimistic lately.... I am usually an optimistic, energetic person, but lately I have felt sluggish and pessimistic. I still feel like me, but sometimes the words out of my mouth were not as pleasant as usual. I knew I was overdue in a session with Lois. Lois confirmed that my energy was slimed. After the session, I felt lighter and back to my normal bubbly, optimistic self! Thanks, Lois!
Susan O
Positively Resonating I had a wonderful first time experience @QuantumBalanceErie with @Lois Thompson. I was fully accepted and affirmed and felt so comfortable and safe. This was such a positive experience for me and RESONATED with life and vibrancy! Thank-You!
Quantum balance appt Excellent service offered. Very helpful and inspirational and I was given wonderful tools to help me daily.
vince S
Reiki with Julia Review of Julia Thompson I had been interested in a reiki session for some time. I had been having trouble in my upper back which conventional methods had not alleviated, and as a spiritual-minded person myself, had suspicions one or more of my chakras were 'off.' The session with Julia certainly lived up to my expectations! Very soothing, first off and in general. I left feeling absolutely no pain or tightness in the spot in my upper back, a feat which nearly never happens. In addition, my suspicions on my chakras were confirmed and she gave some advice on clearing them. Those of you who have been contemplating a reiki session yourself, stop contemplating! :)
Chris L
Session with Lois Review of IN PERSON at THE STUDIO Lois is so in tune with my emotions. So guides me to my answers and does so in such a none judgemental way. She has helped me through a very difficult time in my life and continues to do so.
Jennifer C
Worth every penny! I'm not sure how to describe how I feel after my Quantum Balance session, but I'll do my best. I felt "mucked up" before I walked into her office. When I walked out, I felt lighter, happier, and free. I took a salt bath according to her recommendations and I had the best night's sleep of my life. It's the day after, and I feel clear, calm, focused, and free of anxiety. I intend to do the homework I was given and I will definitely be returning for another session.
Chris L
Energized Review of IN PERSON at THE STUDIO My sessions with Lois never fail to help me feel more energized and ready to face life and anything that it brings my way. Gratitude is what I feel when I think of Lois. She is amazing!
Wow! I just participated in a Quantum Balance session with Lois and couldn't be more astonished by how great I feel. I walked out of my appointment filled with vigor and a lightness I didn't think possible. Lois tailored the session to suit my needs at the time and made me feel comfortable throughout. I was so thrilled with the result I immediately reached out to a few friends and loved ones who may benefit from this amazing service. I have some homework to assist the healing process and am enjoying the exercises too. I cannot recommend this practice and practitioner enough! Everyone deserves to feel 100% as good as they can and this session showed me how possible that is. Wonderful experience!
Carrie M
*gratitude* Review of IN PERSON at THE STUDIO I'm so grateful to God for lighting the path to your doorstep. I asked and it was delivered. Thank you for your knowledge, your teaching, your kind, loving service to this lifetime, and for helping me find a way to protect myself. I look forward to continuing this journey with you!
Matt M
awesome Love it, lois is super easy to talk too and does a wonderful job. i would definitely recommend!!
Amy C
Awesome Experience I never know what will come out of my experience with Lois, but I'm never disappointed! This is such a unique healing and energizing way to let go of any issues. Thank you Lois😘
Maura P
excellent Lois' compassion, intuitive capabilities and training in energy work combine to provide a meaningful and potent healing experience. You leave with hands on tools so that you can continue the work at home and in days and weeks to come. I left more than satisfied!!!
Aaron F
Incitful The environment, the service, the friendly nature of the employees, it was all very nice. Everything is done very professionally and you review before, sometimes during, and after your session. Anybody looking for answers for questions they don't have answers to or just a release from the overwhelming Daily Grind I would recommend this.
Great experience Review of IN PERSON at THE STUDIO Left feeling strong and at peace. I AM looking forward to another session with Lois!
Another great session Review of IN PERSON at THE STUDIO Just had my second session with Lois and it was again very helpful. She listened and was open, yet able to make very relevant suggestions. Her intuition was spot on. Lois helped me see some limiting beliefs and old but charged emotions I had not been able to access on my own and she helped me to start release them. So grateful that she has opened her practice in Erie.
Clearings with Lois Having a session with Lois is life changing - she can really pull out some deep seeded emotional issues for the body and help us to heal and protect our bodies in the future. She is a fantastic healer that everyone should see!!
Kayla F
Reiki and crystal treatment Review of Julia Thompson Great atmosphere,energy and knowledge . This was my first reiki session. I was slightly nervous at first but Julia was great at explaining everything and making me feel comfortable. I felt so relaxed and like I was sitting on a happy cloud of love all day. I will be returning for my tune ups.
Mac L
Mac Lewis Review Mac Lewis
Quantum Balance Session Review of IN PERSON at THE STUDIO This energy treatment by Lois was absolutely amazing!! I was able to divulge things to her that I had been holding inside for a very, very long time. She is truly a gifted healer and she spent extra time with me to help me work through some very serious emotional problems and distress. By the time our session was ending, I felt much stronger and able to take on daily stress more easily. If you can experience what Lois does then book an appointment as soon as possible.
Tess F
Positively uplifting Julia has a wonderful perspective on life, it's contagious!
Chris L
Initial appointment with Lois Had a wonderful experience for my initial appointment with Lois. Lots of positive energy and I felt lighter and much more peaceful when I left her office. I made my next appointment before leaving :)
Reiki with Julia Very healing, mystical, magical and totally awesome! I felt like something dark was removed from my heart and I feel so much lighter - blessings to Julia and Quantum Balance:)
Casey S
A great experience. This is an excellent way to start the holidays and the new year. Thank you Lois for helping me to be all that I can be.
Linda W
1st appointment pranic healing Today I felt like I left some baggage behind that I have carried around for a long time. Today felt like another healing step in my journey.
Deb S
Always Feel Better Always look forward to a visit with Lois and always feel better afterwards! Whether I'm having troubles emotionally or physically Lois manages to make me feel better than when I came in. Looking forward to my next visit. A very relaxing and caring experience.
Energy Wonderful experience at Quantum Balance, thank you Lois !
AMAZING!!! The time (& money) I have invested with Lois Thompson have been LIFE-CHANGING!!! Since I suffer from a chronic disease, finding help (especially in Erie) has been very challenging. Lois has helped me both physically and mentally and I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking peace, BALANCE and contentment.
Thank you After one session with Lois my spirits are renewed, I feel lighter than ever.
Kathy B
A life changning exprience In just two visits with Lois, I can't believe how she has made a difference in my life. I feel better in so many ways because she is helping me to help myself feel better every day. Lois feels like a friend you've known forever who wants nothing but the best for you and is here to help you be your best.
Melanie J
Amazing and wonderful! Having recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, I turned to Qigong as an alternative means to find a centered balance and calmness while going through chemo and learning to cope with my new way of life. I found that Qigong has not only helped with digging into my own strengths but the postures are so energizing that I’ve learned create and store energy which has been so helpful in this journey. Qigong has helped me to focus on healing my mind and spirit which in turn will help me to heal my body. The breast Qigong regiment has also been extremely helpful and I would highly recommend it for all women as a preventative practice but also for anyone that has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Thank you, Lois. You are truly an angel in disguise!
Jada B
An Energy Shift I am a firm believer that the universe sends us what we need at the precise moment we need it. So when googled alternative health up popped Quantum Balance Erie. And my heart, mind, body, and spirit were yearning for balance. The session with Lois allowed me to clear my mind, process past and current emtions that directly impact my thoughts, actions, and clear some mental space. I experienced a shift in my energy both during and after the session. Lois is a wealth of knowledge and experienced practitioner in her field. The tools she has given me are life chaning. Such a blessing to meet her and look forward to working with her again in the near future.
Len P
An exquisite unique enriching experience Review of Julia Thompson I like massages & get them regularly so when I learned of this opportunity for something different, I tried it. It was very transforming and it left me open to using my own resources to heal.
Sparky W
An Investment in Health Review of Julia Thompson After scheduling routinely with Lois, I missed over a month of sessions due to my schedule and travel and the change in physical and emotional health was overwhelming as was my decline in mood and my overall decrease in mental clarity and energy. The general feeling of "blah" was one that I had, mercifully, forgotten. It's going to take some time to regain the ground I had made during our work together but I've learned a valuable lesson about the importance of maintaining this very important aspect of my health!
Missy M
Bad mood go away! It may be a surprise to you, but I am a little bit of a control freak and a big people helper. With that said, when life gets out of hand and I am trying to "fix" both broken & unbroken times, I get VERY frustrated...which turns to anger, resentment, overhwelmed and disappointment. Today I said "ENOUGH!" I didn't feel like my normal happy self, so I took advantage of a last minute opening with Lois Thompson, Quantum Balance Erie. After some verbal venting of what I thought was bothering me, Lois was able to find the REAL root triggering these emotions and we were able to release them. It's hard to explain what she does - but I will tell you that I feel AMAZING. The big smile is back on my face and I am filled with joy. Thank you Lois, for helping me out of my funk, and bringing my real self out again! I HIGHLY recommend trying a QBE session. Even if you think you don't need it - you will say "I feel LIGHTER & HAPPIER!" when the session is finished.
Cindy B
Blew my mind! I'd had a brief 10 minute session previously with Lois and was intrigued. The full session was amazing. Afterwards I felt lighter and peaceful. A little headache but I just followed the after care instructions and all is well!
Gary L
Cleared for takeoff Lois cleared my energy of present and past emotions that were stuck in my field. She is a compassionate listener and practitioner, and offers practical advice. I left her office feeling lighter, more positive and ready to take off to what Spirit has next. Namaste.
Paige F
deep profound enlightened Review of IN PERSON at THE STUDIO i am out of state, but would come back in a heart beat to see Lois
Debbie Radomile
Emotional Healing Lois performed an emotional release on me that was life changing. I have suffered with throat and thyroid problems all my life and she helped me to release the emotions that were leading to my issues. I now feel like someone removed the noose that has been around my throat for as long as I can remember. Thank you Lois. I am so much lighter and freer now.
Heather H
Energy Wonderful first time visit ! Thank you !
Justine J
Exactly what I was searching for! Review of IN PERSON at THE STUDIO While every aspect of my time with Lois was productive and healing, it was most useful for me to be truly "seen and heard" So often i feel like the first half of every thing is a reveiw of things I'm already versed in...or a practioner is focusing on concepts I have yet to incorporate into my journey. Lois was able to quickly ascertain where my knowledge of energy work was...she really met me where I was at...and we could ease in at my comfort level. I was within my comfort zone...but also adequately challenged to shift my thinking. I didn't feel like this was a routine, one-size-fits-all checklist of felt like I was being seen very individually and that care was tailored on the spot to be what I needed. Responsive. Respectful. Refreshing. I've been ready to break through some old paradigms and this was the perfect session for that. Thank you, Lois!
Linda N
Exactly what was Needed Lois, thank you for everything! Our session met and exceeded any and all expectations. I've learned so much about me through you! I can't thank you enough!
Michael S
Excellent practicioner Review of Julia Thompson Had a great experience thru Reiki thanks to Julia. She was very informative and skilled more so than I was used to with regular Reiki sessions. I felt welcome the entire time and she is very pleasant. Would definitely recommend for anyone familiar with reiki or in need of general stress relief, healing, or guidance. Do yourself a favor and see her.
Missy M
Facing the fear to go over the edge My impulsiveness can be my best and worst asset. In this instance, I signed up to rappel down our 150' office building and afterwards remembered that I was afraid of heights. (You know, where your hands go numb and your heartbeat races looking out the window of the 3rd floor window!) Every passing day meant 1 day closer to the event, and my anxiety was building. Why did I sign up for this? Who would notice if I changed my mind? I decided to have an Emotion Code Session with Lois Thompson of Quantum Balance Erie. I didn't know what to expect, or if any changes would be made to my anxiety, but I had faith in Lois and the work that she does. To my astonishment, we discovered that I had inherited a fear of heights from a great, great...grandparent! And we released it. Don't ask me how this works, but it does. By the end of the session, we had released a lot of "energy baggage" (my term) and I felt lighter and less stressed. As the week progressed, I noticed that I was talking about the upcoming rappell with enthusiasm instead of a forced excitement. As I stood on the balls of my feet, with my heels hanging off of the 150' building, sure I had a ball of anxiety in my stomach, but I had the courage to wave to the crowd below, smile for the camera and create one of the most thrilling adventures of my life. My fear was no longer overwhelming me. Thank you, Lois! ~Missy Monacella
Jennifer H
Gems in our community Ive been working with the practitioners from Quantum Balance Erie for a while now. And I can honestly say Ive never felt better! I am a highly sensitive individual and the tools that they are teaching me are priceless! I am able to carry these tools to my family and better assist them in their energetic care. I have done many years of talk therapy and I feel that I have gained more healing in one session with QBE than I did in the cumulative years of talk therapy. The practitioners of QBE are making ripples in the world around us and work very hard to make our world a better place.
Denise P
get rid of what bugs you If it is not visible or broken but something just doesn't feel right - Lois can probably help. I am so thankful she is part of my wellness team.
Alicia G.
Gifted Lois is truly gifted in what she does! She left me feeling better about my life and where I am going!
Bonnie P
Great New Beginning I am very grateful to have met Lois and to have her to help me start on my new journey towards my new life.
Roxann H
Healing Energy Review of Julia Thompson I received such a wonderful and loving session today! Not only was my time at Quantum Balance relaxing, it was very moving and definitely a tailored session unique to me and my energy needs! Thank you so much! I cannot express enough how wonderful and uplifting this was today! Just what I needed and I will be back!
Just what I need Lois has helped me get so much clarity and understand myself in many ways. I feel like I can function so much better in my day to day life. Much needed relief.
Jessica W
Keeping the Love and Light Working with Lois is such an honor. Not only are her sessions very therapeutic but I leave with such a confident and humble feeling. Her gift radiates like a bright shining rainbow that engulfs the room with such goodness and positive love and light. I value her time and appreciate what she has to offer. Many times we do not stop and realize what or how we are making ourselves negative. I know my struggle has been not only negativity but doubt in my abilities or who I'm striving to become and Lois helps me to clear all that negativity away so I can shine in the way that I am supposed to. The best part about my recent session was that she was able to help me realize that with changing and growing or shifting my path slightly is going to come with opinions from others and those words can be deflected and I don't have to accept them. Thank you Lois for helping me to remember to just be me and only accept love and light instead of negativity and spite😊
Bonnie P
Lois Thank you so much i enjoy your help and support so much!
Kim O
Lois is a very healing being and I'm so thankful to know her. Lois is an amazing woman with a beautiful gift. She continues to help me on my journey of well being. I feel so grateful to have her in my life. <3
Mary S
My Gift to Myself Looking for a bit of balance during a hectic time at work, I made an appointment with Lois. I was thrilled that I did. My husband says he's next after hearing about my experience. Thank you Lois.
Jan F
My sesson I had an initial emotion code healing session with Lois. I have been going through a great deal emotionally, physically and mentally for a couple years. This subtle energy work was very effective - am still in process- to help with my integration and release of past trauma/experiences. Lois is very professional and knowledgable. She is a healer and guide that is doing her work to assist others in wellness goals...
Salam A
Positive experience Was very impressed, would recommend it to everybody.
Jessica W
Radiant Hope I love how I feel when I leave Lois' office. I feel refreshed, relieved and renewed. I am thankful for Lois and her strengths, wisdom, and guidance. I always feel comforted by her presance. I have had much success and growth thus far, so I thank and appreciate the workings of a truly blessed healer.
Julie R
Session This was an amaxing sesslion I loved it thanks so much I went home and slept for hours and slept straight thru the first night in many I can&#39;t thank you again.
Bonnie P
Session today after having a session with Lois today I came away feeling renewed! Thank you so very much!
Andrea L
So pleased Lois has been instrumental in helping me out of my 2 year "funk". She is helping restore my energy as well as giving me the tools I need to maintain a healthy balance going forward.
Missy M
Stress & anxiety relief! Lois is able to customize each session based on what I need that day. During this session, we did a little QiGong and Emotion Code. I arrived at my session stressed out from General life and the stressors of house hunting. After the session, I felt a sense of peace and I felt lighter, ready to take on what life had to offer that day. I highly recommend that everyone tries at least one session!
Melanie J
Thank You Lois is amazing. The genuine concern she has for her clients comes through in the sessions like she has a 6th sense. She knows things you don't know about yourself therefore her approach to healing is customized to suit whatever energy you bring to the table. She also gives you the tools to help yourself and I always learn so much in our sessions. She is not only a wonderful teacher but has also become a wonderful friend. <3
Sparky W
Deeper Work I came to Lois for help with some physical ailments that were plaguing me and have found, over the course of a few months, that the work we have done has changed my life so much more dramatically in so many more ways than I had intended or expected. Regardless of the level of which you wish to commit to your healing, YOU will find healing though, I am sure, and I can't recommend Lois more as a guide.
Ellie T
Erergetic clearing and healing I found the experience to be very relaxing and calming. I also felt full of energy when I left. The space was really nice a spacious. Lois is very relaxed and really expresses a no judgement attitude to freely express yourself.
Jennifer H
Completing the puzzle Have you ever felt like your life is a big jigsaw puzzle and you don’t know how to put the pieces together, no matter how which way you turn them? That was how I felt before I met with Quantum Balance Erie. My life was a mess. It looked perfect from the outside but on the inside, I was an emotional tornado. My spouse never knew from day to day what mood I was going to be in. After completing just one session with Quantum Balance Erie, I felt like I had healed more than I had done after 20 years of talk therapy. Quantum Balance Erie uses a unique healing technique to turn an ugly past into a bright, beautiful future. I will be forever indebted to Quantum Balance Erie for helping me to complete my puzzle.
Christina W
Finding Balance After our initial sessions and your sessions with my family members, I keep thinking that there must be a way to inform others about your services in such a manner that they can understand what benefits you are able to provide, but I struggle to see how...I came to you with a pretty fair idea of what to expect (at least I thought I did) and have found that my lifestyle and health have been effected in ways that I couldn't have fathomed. To call you a miracle worker wouldn't do you justice because I use your real, life practical work everyday and have experienced how your years of hard work and developing your intuition have benefited my family and me in real, tangible, wonderful ways! What's most important, however, is your concern, care, and your desire to work hand in hand with my medical providers to ensure that my health is looked after and all options are considered; your obvious desire to help me live a healthier, happier life drives our sessions and is evident in all you do for me - nothing could be more positive and beneficial than that! On the technical end: your online scheduling, classes, and availability are top notch and remind me of companies I've encountered in larger cities:)
Sparky W
Gift Bag Thank you yet again for surprising me with what healing and restoration I am capable of! I always leave you with a feeling that I'm taking a parting "gift" - some sort of new knowledge or tool that I can use in my daily life to improve every aspect of my well being and the additional surprise joys of healing I experience with you are a wonderful added bonus!
Melanie J
Giving a gift to myself I never realized how much stagnant energy I was carrying around until I sat down with Lois. While this was not my first experience with her, the "cleansing" of my mind and aura were much needed. With Lois you get what you need and each time its different. Wonderful, calming and productive all at the same time. She's a blessing!
Sparky W
Growing Together From my first appointment with Lois I've experienced so many life changes that I can't even begin to list them all. I've grown emotionally and spiritually and become physically stronger beyond anything I could have imagined. What I find most impressive about this experience, however, is how much growth and change I see in Lois's practices as well! Already a marvelous guide and healer - Lois continues to explore and expand her knowledge and practices to give her very best to her clients!
Guaranteed Feel Better than when you walked in! Lois is a must try for anyone looking for insight, counsel, & validation. The rest is a magical bonus .. I don't get it, but it is a fascinating ride to self observation, mindful shifts, and you leave with such a feeling of elevation! Whew!
Missy M
I feel lighter - Goodbye excess weight on my shoulders! I tend to "carry the weight of the world" on my shoulders. I value my regular sessions with Lois - she helps reduce my anxiety, reminds me NOT to say YES to everything, and helps reduce my shoulder/neck and hip pain. I highly recommend everyone at least try 1 session to see how Quantum Balance can benefit you.
Jenn P
Lois is AWESOME! Lois is a true healer with a magnificent gift. She helped me immensely with some old wounds and was able to get things moving that had felt stuck for a long time. I am so grateful for her healing attention.
Lisa S
Lois Thompson and Quantam Balance Erie Review Lois has such a caring heart and is able to look into yours to help you uncover things that will allow you to disentangle your emotions. With laser focus, she comes to the point of what&#39;s keeping you stuck all the while supporting you with compassion and encouragement!
Sparky W
Moving Forward As I continue my sessions I find that there is always something new and unexpected at every one and it's always something joyful or exciting; it's like being young again and discovering the world for the first time! And even better, I'm making these discoveries with a newfound sense of physical, emotional, and mental empowerment! Our last session moved me in such a way that I found myself in the unlikeliest of places, laughing out loud, because, in her quiet, calm, Lois-way, Lois was able to ask me about and painlessly alleviate a problem in one day; a problem that almost an entire lifetime of doctors, tests, medicines, and various other treatments could not successfully diagnose and painlessly treat - even once. Am I home free? Who knows! But it's a great start! Thank you!
Dayna Y
Peaceful, Enlightening, Empowering What a beautiful experience! The appointment began with a warm and friendly greeting, as though I was meeting an old and dear friend. This was followed by easy conversation and healing in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Every bit of this experience was beautiful: The music, the décor, the aromas, the healing experience and the feeling of camaraderie. Thank you, Lois, for a wonderful afternoon.
Danielle D
Refreshing I had an amazing experience and felt welcomed as soon as I walked in and was greeted by Lois. Such a humble environment! I will continue to go and also will recommend all of my family/friends!
Missy M
Relief at last! I am one of those people that hold my stress in my intestines. Since I was little Dr's have told me I had IBS and to follow traditional remedies: diet, medication. I could eat high fiber veggies all week and still be "bound up." It wasn't until I started having Quantum Balance Erie sessions with Lois Thompson that we realized it was stress induced. I am very relieved to say that after a session with her I literally am relieved! Words cannot explain the MANY ways I have benefited from a session here. I highly recommend you trying it for whatever ails you.
Relief of grief Recently a family member passed away and I thought I was coping well. I was coughing and couldn't catch my breath - but figured it was the cold weather or I was catching something. It turns out I was holding my grief in; my body wanted me to release feelings/thoughts/? but I was in denial that it even existed. I was too busy taking care of those around me and figured "I was fine!" Thank God for Lois. She truly is an angel on earth and is helping me through this tough time. I feel lighter and a little more at peace with each visit. I can't explain what she does but I can tell you I leave there feeling WONDERFUL. I highly recommend Quantum Balance Erie.
Rohini S
Second appointment I thought my second appointment went calmly and smoothly. All the questions I had for that day were answered and I received a good healing.
Andrea D
Simply amazing I absolutely loved my experience and Lois is such a wonderful woman! I can't wait to go back at some point to do it again! Thank you for everything. Xo
Don H
Still zooming! Great experience, wonderful lady! Thanks for "polishing" me up. Awaken yourself to all the energy that's out there for you.
Melanie J
Thank you! Lois has an undeniable gift - I don't know how she can senses emotional and physical needs but it's amazing. Her energetic healing techniques have been helpful to not only myself but for my family as well. Lois can help you help yourself and who couldn't use a little (or sometimes a lot) of help once in a while? Thanks, Lois!
Time for yourelf Take time to clear the clutter from your life, Spring is a new beginning and no one does it better than Lois to give new hope. This is the answer for winter blues!
Stephanie Casamento C
Top notch in her field Excellent experience. Lois is compassionate and competent and a joy to be around.
Uplifting and refreshed After just one appointment, I felt the weight of the world was off my shoulders. Lois gets to the real problem even if its masked as physical. It renews the ability to start everyday with a fresh start. She is my first choice when I feel a little off. Layers of life wear us down and she can get thru it. Thank You.
Nancy D
What a wonderful experience I had yesterday! I had such a great experience with Lois yesterday. I would recommend Quantum Balance of Erie to everyone. Lois really knows how to break through your barriers and help you release your negative energy. After my session I had people telling me that I sound different, more positive and upbeat than before. How great is that?!
Melanie J
Wonderful! Just when I think I have myself in check; energy, emotions, intentions, when I sit down with Lois for a session it all just comes flooding out. All kinds of "stuff" I've been carrying around for days, weeks, months, all comes up to to the surface and Lois has given me the tools to extract that negative energy and dust myself off, look at the positive and start anew. It's amazing. We all have the ability to "start over" and Lois can teach you how time and again. Thank you, Lois!
Missy M
You NEED to try this I always feel so much better after a session with Lois...My hips and neck feel looser and she seems to knock the weight of the world right off my shoulders! YOU NEED TO TRY THIS
Christian S
Awesome As always Lois Thompson does an amazing job of using her skills and love to invoke important change. Lois is a true healer, and her services are desperately needed in this world. Thank you Lois for being a ray of light! Will definitely be back!